• Templates & Projects
• Design a building using Revit Architecture software
• Linking AutoCAD files
• Create spaces
• Create zones
• Heating & Cooling load calculation
• System options
• Placing diffusers
• Checking unassigned items
• Placing mechanical equipment-AHU, VAV
• System creation
• Duct routing & Placeholders
• Ducting & Branching
• View duplication
• Flow diagram using duct legend tool
• Duct size tagging
• Checking mechanical calculation & Formulas
• Duct sizing
• Inspect duct system using system inspector tool
• Duct pressure loss report generation
• Check ASHRAE table for fitting & Accessories loss coefficients
• Using manage ID tool, Check warning tool
• Edit family tool, Family Creation
• Pipe settings, pipe place holders, automatic piping, hydronic supply
• Bill of material/Schedules/Quantity
• Cost estimation
• Electrical project using default electrical template
• Placing fixtures, receptacle & equipment, panel board
• Light circuit
• Power circuit
• Wiring
• Panel scheduling
• Fire Alarm Design
• Starting plumbing project
• Configuring pipe settings
• Adding Sanitary fixtures
• Create sanitary system & piping
• Adding sinks and related to the system & piping
• Create cold water system
• Create hot water system
• Views & sheets
• Printing option

• Basic Theory-MEP Project areas, Sensible Heat, Latent Heat, Modes of heat transfer-conduction, convection, radiation, Psychrometrics and charts, vapor compression cycle, vapor absorption cycle, HVAC standards & Codes-ASHRAE, ISHRAE etc, Classification of AC, chiller plant, DBT, WBT, RH, BTU,CFM, Human comfort standards, Air cooled and Water cooled condenser, VRV, VRF, Refrigerants, Cooling Tower
• E20 Excel sheet, Manual Heating and cooling load calculation
• Heating and cooling load calculation Using HAP Software
• Excel Sheet preparation of tonnage & CFM (Working Project)
• Learning Drafting using AutoCAD Software
• Placing Cassette AC, AHU, Diffusers etc and associated line diagram
• Beta Software-Air Terminal/Grill
• Use Duct Sizing software and draw duct layouts
• Use Pipe Sizing software and draw chiller pipes and associated chiller set up
• Fan sizing calculation/ESP/HP/CFM
• Pump sizing calculation
• Toilet & kitchen ventilation
• Car parking ventilation
• Bill of Material/Quantity and associated Excel sheets
• VRV/VRF-Projects of company Daikin, Carrier, Toshiba
• Faculty with 10 + years experience in Gulf & Indian sites
• Internationally valid Certificates
• Site Visits
• Live Projects of India, Dubai & Qatar

• Basic Theory-Power, Current, Voltage, electrical standards, internal & external building services, Light and Power circuits, Calculate number of fixtures, Cables, Conduits, Distribution Boards etc.
• Relux/Dialux Software and related calculation
• Thumb rule calculation
• Learning Drafting using AutoCAD Software
• Placing electrical fixtures and various sizing
• Leveling and switch board numbering
• Show connection between switches and fixtures
• Excel sheet for Load Schedule/Calculation (NEC rule)
• Sub circuits-Light & Power circuits
• DB drawings
• Invertor Selection
• Single Line Diagram
• Conduit Diagram
• Selection of MCB, ELCB
• Selection of MCCB, MDB, RCD, RCBO
• Short circuit calculations for high rise building
• Cable sizing
• Bus Bar selection
• Isolator selection
• Transformer selection
• Demand calculation
• Capacitor Bank selection
• Extra low voltage and current systems, LT& HT lines
• Project-Schematic Diagram
• Projects of India, Dubai & Qatar

• Basic Plumbing theory
• Placing Plumbing Fixtures
• Pipe sizing calculation-Discharge method & Plumbers chart
• Learning Drafting using AutoCAD Software
• Level drawings
• Drainage System
• Water supply line
• Waste water line
• Solid Line
• Stack sizing
• Site Plan
• Manhole Placing & Sizing
• Septic Tank Calculation
• Waste pit sizing
• Soak pit sizing
• Sump tank calculation-Ground & overhead
• Pipe sizing for overhead tank
• Rain water piping & related
• Projects of India, Dubai & Qatar
• Basic Firefighting Theory
• Sprinkler design Calculation
• Fire water required
• Fire water storage-ground & overhead tank sizing
• Sprinkler system pressure requirement
• Fire Pump selection
• Learning Drafting using AutoCAD Software
• Pipe selection & sizing
• FM 200 Software ,Inergen System
• Fire extinguisher
• Fire Alarm design
• Smoke detector
• Projects of India, Dubai & Qatar

5 Certificates for this package
1. Diploma in REVIT MEP Engineering
2. HVAC Engineering
3. Plumbing Engineering
4. Electrical Engineering
5. Firefighting Engineering

Placement: Placements & Placement Supports Available
NOTE: You Can Apply for Experience letter from our Subsidiary company Al Zayan Construction
Latest Resumes, Soft skill development classes for Gulf jobs & Indian Jobs
Course Duration: 3 Months
Crash Course also available
Qualification: ANY DIPLOMA

1. Our Hostel provides accommodation & food (Delicious Vegetarian & Non Vegetarian) for only 5000 INR per month onwards
2. Nearby Gym, game center , playground & other recreations are available

Course Registration:
Either Online or Directly in office with registration fee of 2000 INR (reduced from total fee)
Note: Students with back paper can attend training

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